SDR 1131: Find Out Your Emotional Reasons For Doing Something

Getting emotional clarity of why you are doing what you are doing will ensure the likelihood of you completing and doing your very best at it. A weak reason will not give you that extra boost of energy when momentum is low or to weather those ‘life happens’ moments. A strong one however will do amazing things for your spirit. While some just know what that is, because you can just feel it in your bones, and you are always thinking about it, others might have trouble figuring what their strong reason is. One great way I found that helps to do that is to ask why(s) on top of your ‘why’. Do it seven times and you will most likely find out your strong emotional reason for doing something. Like anything else, you need to be honest with yourself in order for this to really work, so decide if you are ready for it. I have a feeling you are.



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