SDR 1122: If You Are Interested, Get Committed

Whatever it is that you want to achieve or are passionate about, stop wasting time by playing it small or “testing the water”. Instead, get committed. That is how you truly achieve anything in life. One could say that he or she is not sure if that is the right move but wants to experiment. While that is fair, you wouldn’t really get anything out of it, at least one that is of substance. How is it that something that is done half-heartedly gets a full assessment? It just does not make sense. If you are already interested, trust your instinct, go all out. Get committed. Your decision might work out for you or probably not. If the latter holds true, then you would not be left with any lingering thoughts of “should haves” and “could haves” to hold you back from moving forward.

If You Are Interested, Get Committed - Success Daily Reminder (


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