SDR 1120: If You Are Stuck, Ask More Questions

The only way forward if you ever find yourself in the occasional rut, is to not stay still but to press on. It is very easy to be paralysed by the absence of not knowing what to do. That sick feeling of frustration welling up inside is not to be fed further. Stop dwelling in it or your incapability of moving from that situation and instead begin as quickly as you can to ask more questions. Vocalising these questions will set some egos ablaze but that is how you get out of the situation. It is okay to not know all the answers and be right all the time. It takes more courage to admit that you do not know something and ask about it. Those who are too tight-lipped to ask questions especially when they are stuck are simply catastrophes waiting to happen.

If You Are Stuck, Ask More Questions - Success Daily Reminder (


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