SDR 1115: We Are All In One Boat

More often than not, the heart gets a little warmer when you surround yourself with good people. Today was no different. At a free food aid event in Singapore earlier, I met a lady aged 69 who was charming, funny, camera shy and wise. During our exchange on helping without looking at one’s religion or colour of the skin, she said that in the end “we are all in one boat”. Upon hearing that, I could literally feel my heart went warmer. I personally do share the same view. That we are after all of one race, that is the human race. And it was such a great reminder for me personally. We all might have the occasional differences but if we were to set them all aside, we will realise that we are indeed in one boat. Therefore how we interact and deal with others who might seem or think different than us matters. So be conscious of that.

We Are All In One Boat - Success Daily Reminder (


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