SDR 1113: Smile More

As we grow older, many of us seem to smile a lot less than before. We think to ourselves that we should not do them as much if we want to be taken seriously. So we compose ourselves, put everything nicely together and behave as we thought we should. The problem is that we condition ourselves so much to conform to a norm that might not even exist that we forget to switch off when we actually can. Smiling is good, period. It is great for both our physical and mental health. But if you think about it, how harmful is the occasional smile? At the most, people will think that you are crazy. Or could be that you had brought some light into their lives. Much needed after a terrible day or news they just received. Also if you think about it, would you rather be and work with someone who smiles or sulks? Smiling often times results in a net positive effect and one that should not be underestimated. So go ahead and smile more often. If you have forgotten how to do it, get a mirror and start practising.

Smile More - Success Daily Reminder (


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