SDR 1112: Limit The Time You Suffer

We all will in some parts of our life go through periods where we suffer. While the duration and levels differ, unless it is an illness, you can limit the painful tough time. It might seemed easier said than done but nonetheless it is an available option to you. To do this, before you do anything else, accept the situation that you are in. That it has happened to you. You might have thought that such a thing will never occur to you, but the truth is that you cannot undo what has already been done. Your heart and body will most likely be in revolt. And this is where you need to find the strength in something bigger than yourself. Because the fact of the matter is, we as human beings, are limited in our capabilities and capacities. This is one of the reason why many people subscribe to the idea of God. An all powerful being that transcends the heavens and earth. And when someone has a relationship with the all powerful being, the problems then seemed manageable if not bearable. That the idea of a light at the end of the tunnel is possible. Some call that hope. I call it a miracle. There is only so much that you can tell your mind to resist and persist. But when you return it to Him, you cannot help but find peace.

Limit The Time You Suffer - Success Daily Reminder (


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