SDR 1110: Pick Your Battles

If you have not yet realised, there are many things in this world that requires assistance. Your assistance. If you do, you would then find that there are a couple of things that you would like to be involved with. However, you will soon realise that you need to make a choice. To decide which battles you want to take up and the ones you need to leave behind, at least for now. This would be a tough decision for some of you but one that needs to be made regardless. To facilitate this process, you might want to take into account the time factor – how long is needed, etc. – and how big or small the impact is going to be. There are also some who prefers to follow their instincts and hearts. Regardless, they have to be right for you. And if they aligned with your life goals, that is a winner.

Pick Your Battles - Success Daily Reminder (


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