SDR 1109: Who Are You?

A lot of people think they know who they are but the truth is only a few actually does. Most adopt the labels that are put on them as their identity. As what defines them. So they call themselves a man or a woman, father or mother, son or daughter, a follower of a religion, a citizen of a country, belonging to a particular race and the list goes on. While those are not wrong, they are not quite right either. To answer the question actually does require a lot of thought. It needs to go deeper than all those things. For example, what do you stand for? What are your values? What is your vision in life? What is your mission in life? Who are you, really? Not the one that people say you are. But what have you identified and decided for yourself? Yes, yourself. That might be uncomfortable for some, but take a moment, give yourself permission to relief you out of your roles and responsibilities, and search for the answer. Take the time to find out your truth. Do this regularly. Let it then guide you to navigate this incredible journey call life. And don’t worry if the answers changes as time goes by. That is the beauty of life. Embrace it.

Who Are You? - Success Daily Reminder (


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