SDR 1105: Be Mindful Of The Clock

Time flies whether you like it or not. It will not wait for you nor does it need your permission to do so. The only thing you can do is to be mindful of the clock. Do not let it pass you by without any thought given to it. If you have a goal that you want to achieve, the clock should be your best friend. Plan how you are going to spend it. Find ways to maximise it by being more efficient. Take some time to think it through. Do not just dive in and “wing it”. That is just plain lazy. Once you have a plan, do your best to abide by it. Unexpected things might happen along the way. If so, shift your focus to finding solutions, fast. Be flexible. But as far as possible, follow the schedule. At the end of the day, take stock of how you managed your time earlier. Make necessary tweaks accordingly if you have to. It is a work in progress, just like you are.



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