SDR 1092: What You Do With The Knowledge Is What Matters

Do not be afraid of sharing what you know because even when you do so, it does not mean that everyone who listens will act upon it. Some people fear that if you share your knowledge then those listening will be your competitor and eventually take over your place. The truth is however, it does not usually work out that way. And if you think like so, then you need to check with your own growth development. Does that mean that you will stay where you are forever? That you will not be improving yourself, your current knowledge and experience? That is unfortunate. Even if they do become your competitors they will only be serving you better – that you do not coast on your success or wherever you are at right now. Just ask yourself, what knowledge do you currently possess that you have and have not act upon. You will likely find that there are quite a fair bit on both sides, perhaps more on one end, depending what kind of person you are. But you can change all that. You just have to act upon it.

What You Do With The Knowledge Is What Matters - Success Daily Reminder (


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