SDR 1089: Enough With All That Talk. Do Something Already.

I know that you have a lot of great ideas. You talk about them often. I can see the passion burning in your eyes when you speak. But why aren’t you doing anything about them? What are you waiting for? Yes, perhaps you are scared. Understandably so. You don’t actually know if your great ideas might work. And if they don’t, they wouldn’t seem that great anymore. You think you wouldn’t seem that great anymore. Despite your strong persona, deep inside you care about what other people think of you. Their perception of you. Simply because, you are afraid that it might all change if you fail. In your mind, you think of that tiny sliver of hope hanging loosely by a thread where you calculated your risks and chose to be called names behind your back rather than a failure in your face. I know how you feel and here is the truth, it won’t get any better. The more you allow that fear to suppress you from unleashing your brilliance, the further it slips away. Every time you allow fear to win, you are putting a knife into your greatness, to a point where you have to decide if you want to abandon it altogether or finally step up to the plate. And I hope to God that you choose the latter. The world needs more people with great ideas who are brave enough to conquer their insecurities and put themselves out there. Not everyone will agree with you. And that is just how it is. Instead focus on those who do and continue to build on them. If you are willing to endure the cynicism, mockery and backlash, if you are clear on your objectives and are willing to work hard, I wish you my very best. God speed.

Enough With All That Talk. Do Something Already. - Success Daily Reminder (


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