SDR 1088: Set A Time, Do Your Best And Then Leave

The idea of having balance in life is propagated by many people. It is an ideal that a lot of us strive towards but mostly failing. To leave work behind and focus on the more important things in life like relationships and health seem to be a battle that very few have conquered. Usually, it is either one or the other. And that is frustrating. So earlier today, I was asking someone about it and he mentioned that when you do something, give it all you got and when you walk out of it, have no regrets. Do not concern yourself too much with the results. If you have done the work well, the result will follow. That to me made perfect sense. You got your schedule, you do the best work you can, no skiving and then you leave for your next appointment focused on smashing the next one. Pretty straightforward.

Set A Time, Do Your Best And Then Leave - Success Daily Reminder (


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