SDR 1082: “Love People, Use Things” – Joshua Fields Millburn

To be able to have anything you want is a great privilege. Many people aspire to be in that position not realising that the happy picture that was painted is not necessarily true. There are more than just the ability to acquire things that factor into a happy life. Your relationships with other people and the experiences that you get to be a part of matters too. Many work really hard to make more money to acquire things that promises them a sense of accomplishment or happiness but fail to focus on the other aspects of life, like relationships. So ask yourselves, what is really important to you? Do you need to buy and accumulate all of those things? Or could you just find ways to use them instead? May we be able to gain some perspective and focus on things that truly matters.

“Love People, Use Things” - Joshua Fields Millburn - Success Daily Reminder (


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