SDR 1068: Don’t Think. Don’t Feel. Just Do.

When we already know what needs to get done, we need to just do it. Don’t think. Don’t feel. Just do. Most people stop themselves from doing the actual work because they were busy dwelling in their own thoughts and emotions. They thought they were being smart. Trying to be cautious and all. But they were only fooling themselves. Most likely because they could not conquer their fears of what might happen if they take the next step. All of that should have already been addressed in the research stage. The only thing left to do now is execution. Of course, no one can guarantee if it will be a success. But you will not know it until you give it your best shot. So now that you already know what needs to be done, stop thinking about it. The thinking part is already done. Whatever emotions that you might be feeling, good or bad, put it aside. Don’t feel anything. Numb yourself. And just do.



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