SDR 1062: Reprioritize Daily

We have all heard of the idea that you should set priorities in life in order to succeed. While that is a sound suggestion, we also need to take into consideration the reality that life presents. In the ideal world, things always work out the way we want it to. And that as we all know is not the case all the time. So let’s revisit the idea of prioritizing our to-do list. Instead of doing it once and for all, it would perhaps be more practical to do it as often as possible. Perhaps even daily. Things do happen, you might get enlightened, have a new perspective, received new information. Therefore it is strongly encouraged to reprioritize daily. To take a moment before you go to bed or even start your day, to reassess your list. If what are on it is still valid or there are some changes to be made. Doing so will allow you to be on top of your game and have a more full life.

Reprioritize Daily - Success Daily Reminder 1062 (


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