SDR 1049: Life Is Like An Improv Show

Performing improv requires one to be quick on his feet. He needs to simultaneously digest the situation and act in response to it. Similarly in life, at times even after a ton of planning, unexpected events still do occur. And that is when your ability to be adaptable, creative and decisive helps a great deal. These traits needs to be developed and trained. They are something that all of us can learn and adopt in our lives. In order to train yourself to be more adaptable, you might want to start seeing events in the bigger scheme of things. Put things into perspective and be open minded to new ideas and insights. Creativity on the other hand could be developed by consistently putting yourself in a position where you are not familiar with. Like being exposed to new experiences. And lastly, to be more decisive is to have a very clear grasp of the situation that you are in. If that is impossible, be clear on who you are as a person and what do you stand for. Allow that to guide you to make decisions effectively.



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