SDR 1047: Want What You Have

It is very easy to forget that we already have everything we need to be happy. That the idea of going for more to only then be happy is an illusion and unfortunately, is something that has been sold to many for a very long time. Wanting what you have goes against everything that most of us have been exposed to. It may not sound bold or adventurous but if you were to take a moment to understand the gravity of those words, you might actually agree. To want what you have signifies a clarity of mind, sense of purpose and focus in an individual. It is about knowing your true self and what you value most in life. It also comes from a deep sense of gratitude that is practised regularly, not only when good things occur. So take a moment to reflect on yourself, make a self-assessment and of the life that you are living, and if they are not aligned, do what must be done to make them in sync. To be able to truly want what you have as you go about your life is a gift and blessing in itself.

Want What You Have - Success Daily Reminder (


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