SDR 1046: Give Your Mind Time And Space

In the midst of trying to make something of your life, you need to also be discipline in giving your mind time and space. Our mind is continuously bogged down by the noise of everyday life that it often gets suffocated. We like to think that we have it all under control. We get so used to ‘covering it up’ and ‘dressing it up’ on the surface that we begin to honestly believe that we are doing just fine. The reality however is usually far from it. And this is a catastrophe or crisis that is waiting to happen. Simply because not taking the time and giving ample space to deal with one self is not sustainable. When you are able to make time for yourself to face and deal with your inner struggles and be clear on your path, you will find a powerful sense of strength that lies within you. This will be a great help in getting you through your life’s journey. So make time, daily, to practise being mindful.



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