SDR 1044: Show Up, Especially When You Don’t Feel Like It

Sometimes you find yourselves in situations where you have to be at an appointment or event but for some reason, you don’t feel like attending. You then start to tell yourself valid sounding reasons to back what you feel. And more often than not, you succeed. The reason you succeed is not because of the validity of your reasons but more so for the fact that it is the easiest thing to do. But what I have personally learned time and time again, whenever I deny those feelings from happening and instead show up, it usually turns out very positive. It is as though those feelings were just obstacles that were intended for me to defeat it in order to soak in the goodness that is waiting on the other side. So if you ever encounter something similar the next time, give these a try – deny those feelings, have an open mind and show up.

Show Up, Especially When You Don't Feel Like It - Success Daily Reminder. (


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