SDR 1040: Do Not Come To Prayer Only In The Moments of Despair

Prayer is usually ascribe to those who believe in a higher power. However, even to those who do not, it can perhaps give a comforting sense to know that you can ‘rely’ on something else that is bigger than you. While offering prayers often is highly encouraged, many do so only when they are in desperate need of help. It is not certain if there really are research done on its correlation. However, if you apply some common sense to it and instead of using this idea literally, you use this metaphorically, it is a lesson that can take place in many other situations. Say you want to complete a triathlon in a week’s time and you have yet to train for it, it is unlikely that you will succeed if you only then just began training. It is a different story if you have been actively exercising all this while. The chances would certainly be more favourable. Prayer is a humbling and powerful experience but at the same time, it should not be used as an excuse for the lack of effort if it does not then bring the result that you had hoped for. If you do believe in the power of prayer, do it often, in any situation.

Do Not Come To Prayer Only In The Moments of Despair - Success Daily Reminder (


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