SDR 1038: Make Time To Disconnect And Reflect

In the midst of our everyday busyness, we should remember to not neglect the vessel that is enabling us to do all of these work. Much as eating has been an important part of our life, providing us with the necessary fuel to charge ahead, regular maintenance of it needs to also be given due. Not getting caught up in the often times groundhog day-like routine is essential to ensure a sustainable life. Many people talk about the need to disconnect and have fun. But very few gives any thought to do some much needed reflection of their life thus far. What have they been spending their days on? Are they happy? How is the world doing? Are there ways that they can do their part to make it better? If so, what are they waiting for? Questions like these and others, in a way, reminds us of what is truly important thus helping us make better decisions along the way.

Make Time To Disconnect And Reflect - Success Daily Reminder (


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