SDR 1030: Someone Else’s Actions Are Not Yours To Own

Sometimes in life you will receive news about someone you care about that leave you speechless and to a certain extent, helpless. Thoughts in your mind screeched to a halt and all you can do is to put your forehead to the ground. You have a choice to make. One that is more important than the grave news that you just received – how are you going to react? You can let it consume you and slowly eat you away or you can accept it as fact and do your level best to cast your emotions aside. Understand that someone else’s actions are not yours to own. Do not put the blame on your shoulders. Never play victim. All of us are responsible for our own actions and that is what we need to remember. Regardless of how emotionally attached you are to the other person, know that the fact still remain – you cannot control anyone else but you. Reversing the clock in your head and trying to pin point what went wrong and how could the situation be averted is a foolish game that will only end up in despair that you can not afford. Your life is a gift. Always remember that. It is up to you how you want to use and share it with the world.

Someone Else’s Actions Are Not Yours To Own - Success Daily Reminder (


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