SDR 1024: Why Not You?

When you see people achieving great things in life, know that it can also happen to you, regardless of your background. Yes, that is true. There are too many rags to riches, David and Goliath type and other inspiring stories available that the word “impossible” is but a figment of the imagination. If you believe that it will never happen to you, that will be true. But if you believe that it very much will, then perhaps you just might. So why not you? Why can’t you be the one achieving the successes you admire of others? Did you even try? How many times did you fail? Many of the successful people have failed countless times in their lives. Don’t be afraid of failing. Understandably, who would want to fail. But it is all part of the journey. So if you like to see how success looks like on other people, give yourself a chance. Work very hard. Why not you?

Why Not You? - Success Daily Reminder (


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