SDR 1021: [President-Elect Donald Trump Special] Work Really Really Hard

If you have the good fortune to truly believe in something, you need to put in the very hard work that comes with the territory. Looking back at what just happened in America, political ideologies aside, Donald Trump far exceeded expectations of many beyond the toughest push back ever given to any one person running for the highest office in probably the world. When you look at the ginormous collusion of powerful institutions that he was up against, it takes real perseverance to pull in a victory. One thing that many can agree on is that he worked really hard; giving interviews to various media outlets when asked and amongst other things, taking his message directly to the people where thousands upon thousands came to listen to him speak, sometimes at a couple of states a day. And now it seems that his real work has only just begun. God bless him and God bless the United States of America.

Work Really Really Hard - Success Daily Reminder (


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