SDR 1020: The Easy Way Out Will Always Be There

To go after your dreams is hard. As it should be. Only the bravest and the most resilient individual will prevail. Not many are brave enough to dream the “impossible” and very few are resilient enough to withstand the long and difficult journey to get there. Those who dare venture into their respective journey to achieving their dreams know that at the back of their mind, there is an easy way out – and that is to give up. To live like everyone else. To follow what society tells you to do and be. The temptation will always be there especially when the going gets tough, when you are faced with challenges so great that you think to yourself if this will all be worth it. When that happens, go back to the reason for getting into the journey in the first place. What does the dream mean to you? Why does it matter? When you have a strong and solid answer that you are clear about, it will give you the strength to keep going. The easy way out will always be there, but at what cost?

The Easy Way Out Will Always Be There - Success Daily Reminder (


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