SDR 1017: No One Can Bully You To Submission

You have your own mind. You can think and decide for yourself. Do not let anyone take that away from you. It is perfectly okay to have a different opinion from other people. They could very well form the majority, influential or hold high positions in society. As long as you are very clear as to why you subscribe to your particular view, even under a lot of criticism, you will be fine. It is unfortunate that just because you don’t share the views of some, you are then put into a basket of sorts. That is bullying. Whatever happened to respect, tolerance and understanding. Without those values, it is quite impossible for a society to exist. Do not allow your emotions (which can be manipulated with triggers) and the lack of willingness to put yourself in the shoes of those with different views from you get in the way from having a healthy discussion.

No One Can Bully You To Submission - Success Daily Reminder (


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