SDR 1015: Stand Up For Yourself

If you have been waiting all this while for other people to stand up for you, for your right, there is no saying how long that wait is going to take. The fact of the matter is that everyone is probably dealing with something of their own. And you sitting around waiting to be stood up for is not going to be their main priority. Sure there are compassionate people around, but that does not meant that their lives are without any downs. You have much better chances if you make the decision to stand up for yourself instead. Enough is enough. You probably had it already. It is now time to let your voice be heard and fight for what you believe. If you ever doubt that you can, that is alright. There is always that little doubt in even the best of us, but what makes the successful ones a success is because they are able to control and overcome it. So don’t let it control you. Always remember that you are worth standing up for.

Stand Up For Yourself - Success Daily Reminder (


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