SDR 1012: “Become A Priority In Your Life”

You may have a to do list right now. It might be short it could be very long. Regardless of the two, do yourself a favour and take a good look at it and see if you are in that list. If you are not, why is that? Don’t say that you are too busy for yourself. That is never the case. Your to do list shows your priorities. And like most people, they don’t have themselves on it. They will usually think about themselves when they have “extra time”. Well, all of us have the same 24 hours. So the only “extra time” that you are going to get, is if you set aside some for yourself. You are not just somebody going around doing something for somebody else. You are a person too. Well deserving of being taken care of too. Sit yourself down and list down what you want to achieve in this life. What do you want for you? Work out how you are going to get it and start putting yourself in your to do list.

“Become A Priority In Your Life” - Success Daily Reminder (


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