Success Daily Reminder (SDR) 1000: See Greatness Where Others See Weakness

Greatness is in all of us. That is true. It is not “nice to hear” or “good to say”. It is just plain truth. The question is whether you want to see it or not. In some instances, greatness could be seen quite directly due to how we have generally been conditioned to identify it. However, the challenge comes when the situation before us represents the idea of “weakness” that we have been brought up to believe and to see otherwise is not easy. Yet, it is not impossible. You need to train yourself to see greatness in everything, even in “weaknesses”. And you will find it if you open yourself up to the possibility. When you are able to do that, you would have an advantage over the majority of those who fail to see it. That will then enable you to identify and create new opportunities.

See Greatness Where Others See Weakness - Success Daily Reminder 1000 (


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