Stop Waiting For Others To Care About You

Sometimes you wonder why isn’t anyone really concerned about you. Yes, they might ask you once in a while how you are doing and what you are up to. But none really cared to ask past that. Well, if you do, then lucky you. Most of us aren’t. And that is the reality. You might be the one going around asking people how they are and really showing interest. But after a while you wonder, why don’t other people do the same to you. Truth is, only very few people will actually to do that. Even your closest relative. There really is no point to be sour and down about it. You can’t control how others think and behave. But you sure can do that to yourself. So stop waiting around for other people to show care or interests towards you. You need to give it to yourself. The faster you realise this, the better it is for you. You won’t feel unnecessary resentment towards others because you know that sometimes, they just don’t know any better. Or you can always take it as a compliment – that they think you are handling yourself pretty well. Even if the truth is far from it. And if that is the case, go seek help. Nothing to be embarrassed about.

Stop Waiting For Others To Care About You - Success Daily Reminder (


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