Be Around People Who Have A Common Future, Not Past

You want to be around people who inspires and motivates you to be the best that you can be. If being the best is what you want. However it is in our nature to be comfortable with familiarity. So most of us find ourselves around people who we already know as it gives a sense of comfort in terms of trust that allows us to be who we are, without any pretense. Or so one would think. And this is where the challenge comes in. If the people that you have been surrounding yourself with are those that committed to achieving great things life, that is wonderful. You are in an awesome company. But if they prefer to remain in the status quo. Going through life as it is, following the flow, not challenging the norms, then you need to figure out if that is what you want to. And yes, you have a choice. You can always choose different. Once you do that, you need to find those that are working towards a common future. If you remain around people who are not doing so, you would find your journey even more challenging than it already is. So find those people who have similar aspirations. Bask in each others’ motivation and determination. You would find that the journey is better going through it with awesome people.

Be Around People Who Have A Common Future, Not Past - Success Daily Reminder (


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