Don’t Forget To Catch Your Breath

In your pursuit to live your dreams, you will face a lot of hurdles. They will surprise you by showing up when you least expect it or they will come harder at you as you reach closer. Naturally, because you know why you want it so bad, you would be able to overcome come what may. However, in the heat of all of that, don’t forget to catch your breath. Don’t let your dream consume you to a point where you forget about taking care of yourself. To work hard is admirable but not in the expense of falling ill in the process. And to see it through, you need to be able to sustain your energy. So allocate some time off work in your schedule. Be sure to have that in or it will never happen. And then don’t take it lightly. It is non-negotiable.

Don’t Forget To Catch Your Breath - Success Daily Reminder (


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