Stop Predicting And Start Creating Your Future

Most people could actually make it as a fortune teller, predicting theirs away given their present situations. In their defence of being “realistic”, they resigned themselves to “fate”. The problem is that when you do so, you aligned the pieces in your life to present you with that said prediction. What a way to live. That probably explains the prevalent lack of enthusiasm among most people. Because they have lost their hope. At the same time, there will be a group of people who refused to accept their current situation as their ultimatum and instead work really hard to create the future that they hope for. Day in and day out, these people will go above and beyond, pushing their limits to achieve what they have set their sights on. They will be laughed or mocked at in the beginning, but in the end, it is usually them who persisted against all odds, who will have the last laugh.

Stop Predicting And Start Creating Your Future - Success Daily Reminder (


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