“Be An Effective Imperfectionist”

When I read those words by Ray Dalio, I thought it was perfect. As ironic as that may sound. It captures the idea of how the obsession with perfectionism has stalled many great minds from developing their ideas and thoughts into fruition. To be fair, a few of them did indeed manage to do so but majority did not. And that is the reality. If you wait for all the stars to be aligned to do something, and even when that happens you still find ways to stall taking action, you will never succeed. Simply because you do not trust yourself enough to give it a shot. Do your best, always. But don’t confuse that with getting everything “right”. That is being very ineffective. And ineffectiveness is never a good trait to have. Especially not of someone who wants to be successful.

Be An Effective Imperfectionist - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg


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