Always Be Preparing

It is said that life is what you make of it. And that preparation is not a one time thing but a way of life. Most of us only prepare when there is a need to – in the event of competitions, examinations and the likes. Perhaps we can expand it further to our entire lives especially with regards to our goals and dreams. It is not enough, in fact foolish even, to just have them and hope that they will arrive at your doorstep on a silver platter. You need to prepare for it. Make plans and strategise your path before executing them. If you fail to do them, then those great goals and dreams are simply wishful thinking. Preparing does two things. First, it increases your chances to ‘hit the jackpot’ in the event an opportunity arises and secondly but very important, it fans the flames of life in all of us. It gives us a sense of purpose to wake up and do something with our time, health and space on this planet.



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