Make A Move Before You Are Overly Ready

Being ready is a good thing. It gets you prepared for the task at hand thus furthering your chances of doing it successfully. However, it has been somewhat a fascination in society to be ready before doing anything that some have taken it to extreme levels by being overly ready. When you do so, you lose time. And you know very well, that time is something that you cannot have back. It would perhaps do you more good if you can dip your feet wet as quickly as possible. Then you would know if you are on the right track or if you would need to make some changes. To do so when you have given much of your life getting ready for it would be devastating. Go ahead and make the necessary preparations. Be ready. But the idea here is to put yourself in a situation where you are nimble and can make the necessary changes when needed without incurring a heavy price if you do so after having invested much time and effort.

Make A Move Before You Are Overly Ready - Success Daily Reminder (


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