Be Humble. Release The Pride.

Pride is a virtue that has a fine line between it being a positive force or a negative one. When you feel that it is doing you more harm than good, it is probably too late. The initial spark is when you start feeling that you are better than everybody else. If you let it slide and continue to feed that little monster, you will not even realise when it drags you down when it is fully grown. To prevent that from happening, you need to remind yourself constantly to be humble. How you do that is by releasing the pride. Whenever you are complimented or given accolades, own that moment but do not remain there. Move on. Go through life always learning. Know that there is always someone better or smarter than you out there. And that you can learn something from every single person if only you open your eyes. Eternalising this would not allow for others to use it against you and it could very well be a great asset to yourself.

Be Humble. Release The Pride. - Success Daily Reminder (


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