Don’t Succumb Under Pressure

You will soon find out, if you haven’t already, that there will be those who will oppose your ideas and beliefs. They might even put pressure on you to change them so as to align with theirs. Don’t let them. You got to know why you have those ideas and beliefs. They got to be strong enough for you to not waver easily. If you do falter, then you probably haven’t got strong reasons. However, this is where I would like to throw in caution. You have to get your facts and sources straight. You cannot turn a blind eye on some just because you prefer a particular view. Look at all sides and then make your conclusion. Don’t for the love of God, let emotions cloud your judgment. When you have done that, come what may; they can try their best to shake you up but they will just be wasting their time.

Don't Succumb Under Pressure - Success Daily Reminder (


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