Be Okay With Being Uncomfortable

To be uncomfortable does not sit well with most. On the surface, they might say yes but really, not many are willing to do so. To leave their comfort space behind and venture to the unknown and uncertain. The challenge comes when a person has a dream or a goal that wants to be achieved. In order to get there, he or she needs to get uncomfortable. Only when you are in that state, will you grow. And you have to grow if you want to reach your set goal. For those who have always been living on the edge, ‘uncomfortable’ becomes their comfort zone. They welcome it and some even search for it. But most people are not that way. They have to train themselves to be okay with being uncomfortable. Take a different route, wear a colour that you don’t normally do or add one more rep to your exercise routine. Keep trying out things that you don’t normally do. Let being uncomfortable become something fun, exciting, challenging. Something that you look forward to. The more you do it, the more you train yourself to be able to do what it takes to achieve your dreams and goals.

Be Okay With Being Uncomfortable - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.jpg


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