Stereotypes Are Basically Incomplete

Words are a powerful thing. It can lift you up or bring you down. Stereotypes generally do the latter. Unfortunately, many have allowed themselves to become victims of those self-fulfilling prophecies. It was never a written rule that if you come from a certain group, you are perceived to have certain qualities. I very much believe that one is taught rather than born to have them. The environment that shaped the person’s mind growing up can determine if he or she will fulfill the stereotypes that was unfairly given just because of the skin colour or the religion of the family or even the country that he or she was born into. Anyone who abides by the stereotypes are only limiting themselves from their true potential. No one can ever know what that is, but if you already believe that you can’t, you might not even want to give it a try, let alone your hardest shot. Even if the stereotype is true, it is only one side of you. It could very well be a part of you but it is not all of you. The remaining bit is for you to design it however you want. Take charge.


Stereotypes Are Basically Incomplete - Success Daily Reminder (


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