Put A Brick Over The Other Every Single Day

We are used to seeing results. That is how the culture of our society has been conditioned to look at things. Media articles will only report on a ‘story’ when it has an outcome or an anticipation element to it. Basically, what sells. It will not report on a person with big dreams who no one would give a second look because he or she has no record to show. That is just how it works. The ‘little guy’ will only get coverage when a story on ‘little guys’ is done. That phenomenon is further cemented with the idea of convenience, where things are easily accessible, needs can be met quickly and despite knowing now the tons of chemical that is put into most fast food, the demand for it has not slowed. When society places a huge emphasis on convenience and speed above value, they tend to lose the patience and hard work that are necessary in order to achieve success. Instead of trying to find the ‘quick-fix’, you are more likely to succeed if you invest your time and effort to put a brick over the other every single day. Do what you have to in order to achieve your goal, day in and day out. The satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that you get from your investment will be a reward in itself.

Put A Brick Over The Other Every Single Day - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg


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