You Can Be Anything, If You Just Decide

Our minds are such an under utilised and often times under appreciated part of the human self by many of us. We allow others to tell us what to believe, what is possible and not, how to go about things and we accept them all without question. Maybe some of us might, but then again, they will then tend to accept the reply as fact either due to the status or role of the person. The thing we need to realise here is that no one should be allowed to control a person’s thought, or even its’ process for that matter. They can very well facilitate it, but the conclusion and answer should be from the people themselves. They need to believe and know that they are capable of having making their own answers and having the responsibility to stand by it. And if they are then found to be wrong, they should be allowed to learn from it and do better the following time. Therefore the idea that we can be whoever we want to be if we only decide should be simple to accept. Because we are then not bounded by external feedback. All that matters, is what we think and what we have decided upon. The only thing left to do, is to work on it.

You Can Be Anything, If You Just Decide.jpg


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