I Will Fight

Sometimes there are days where you wonder if your dream and your efforts to achieve it are worth anything at all. Especially when it seemed as though nothing is taking shape. When you are pummelled from all sides, the temptation to give in and let go is very real. The drive that you initially had in spades is fading away. And you wonder what can you do to save it. First things first, you have to be honest with yourself. Is this dream, your dream? Not anyone else’s. Once you have established that it is yours and not someone else’s, then you need to make a personal decision with yourself. Do you want to go through with it or throw in the towel? Set aside the hardship and difficulties. Just answer the question honestly. If you do want to go through with it, then you need to take a stand – that you will fight for it. Whatever it takes. You are going to fight for your dream.

I Will Fight - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com)


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