Give Life All You’ve Got

A lot of us have big dreams. But not many are willing to believe in it or even work hard for it. They then blame it on life and how things are just not in their corner. The fact is that it was never meant to be in your corner. That is why you have that dream. To want something great that you do not have at the moment. And the way to get to the other side is to give life all you’ve got. You need to know your priorities. Your goal is just that – a goal. Until you make that your priority, something else will always takes its place in order of importance. Once you are clear on that, then work very hard and believe that it is possible. No one else will want you to succeed, at least more than you yourself do. So whatever time you have on this earth, make sure you spend it in your favour.

Give Life All You've Got - Success Daily Reminder (


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