Do Not Ever Look Down At The Weak

When you feel good about yourself and it seems like you are getting your act together, you might start to form some thoughts around other people who have less than you. For instance, the fact that you have gained control of your mindset or at least have better control of it does not give you the right to look down at those who do not. The beauty of having differences is to allow the goodness to flow and spread around. Because you are in a slightly better position, it is therefore your opportunity to help the other person to improve his or her situation. They are not there to be criticised by someone who have been tasked with all of that you’ve got going. Rather, be offered a helping hand. You never know when the situation might be reversed. What then? What would you have hoped you have done, to perhaps have some form of mercy? Any of those sides are never a permanent guarantee. Therefore keep your egos and whatever self-righteousness you’ve got in a very tiny box and do not let them out. They only corrupt your soul.

Do Not Ever Look Down At The Weak - Success Daily Reminder (


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