To Hate Is To Take Away Something Good From Yourself

Hate might seem like an external act that you place onto someone or even yourself but the truth is far from it. It is an emotion that is coming from you due to reasons that only you would know. They could very well be legitimate. I would not dare to say otherwise. But the point that I would like to share is that the emotional feeling of hate is very unhealthy. It eats a little bit of the goodness in you. And if you allow it to fester, it might just eat them all up in due time. This strong negative feeling usually comes from having unmet expectations or not being able to control situations. To ask of you to let go of your hate would be very simple but not easy to do. But perhaps if you are open to it, acknowledging the fact that there are very little or probably nothing that you can control except your own thoughts and actions is a first step to free yourself of the all consuming negative energy.

To Hate Is To Take Away Something Good From Yourself - Success Daily Reminder (


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