Life Is An Endless Game Of Negotiation

We don’t always get what we want. While that might have some truth in it, it does not mean that we can’t not get what we want most of the time. When you communicate with someone with the intention of getting something out of it, you need to be clear what that ‘it’ is. And what will you settle for, or you will walk away. Life is an endless game of negotiation. It does not only happen in business settings or when only money is involve. Our daily interactions with other people have elements of it too. In order for you to up your chances of getting what you want, you need to be bold enough to make a very big ask. Set the bar really high, way higher than what you intended, and only then, ‘reluctantly’ bring it down. If you do it well enough, you might just get more than what you initially had in mind.

Life Is An Endless Game Of Negotiation - Success Daily Reminder (


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