Focus On Your Own Lane

It is tempting to look over your shoulder, your left and your right side and seeing what other people are doing. It is tempting to be envious and jealous of other people’s successes, achievements and even life. Is is tempting to be happy inside when you see your successful friend fall or have a misstep. It is a very tempting world that we live in. But where do we draw the line? It is very easy to slip into that temptation and lose ourselves in it. The only way to keep your sanity and dignity intact is to draw the line beginning and ending with you. Focus on your own lane. Yes, you do not feel good when you do not have the successes that other people have. But the way to go about it, is to focus your energy and all that you have on you. Instead of throwing daggers, spouting out negativities and sending hate mails, consider that time and energy that you would have spent on those actions and channel it to better yourself. The likelihood of you achieving those successes and even more would indeed be a much better proposition.

Focus on your own lane - success daily reminder (


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