Don’t Show Off. Show Up!

The world has never needed those who show off their blings, successes or their philanthropic endeavors with no other intention than to receive praise and attention. What it has and will always need is for people to show up when needed, when it is not popular or trendy to do so. Having walked past the streets of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia at midnight and came across a group of barbers offering their services for free to the homeless was definitely a sight that I remember to this day. There were no cameras or media present but those beautiful souls showed up despite all of that. We might not realise that with social media and the sharing culture that is now a norm in our lives being more prevalent, we need to ask ourselves why did we put something up. What is our intention? Is it to simply show off? Or is there something else? Can we perhaps make every post or tweet an offering to the world? In the end, only you know the real reason why you do something. So don’t concern yourself with what others would think. Be at peace with yourself.

Don't Show Off. Show Up! - success daily reminder (


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