Givers Attract

Here is something ironic. At least to most people. In order to attract wealth and all of those great things in life that many of us aspire to, it usually works if you give. Give something that you have or of yourself. When you do that time and time again, people and all the blessings are naturally bound to be attracted to you. Surely, not all will. But that should not matter. Who would you prefer to be around with? Someone who takes and takes from you, or one who gives? I would personally like the latter. And I guess most of us do as well. So if that is the case, logically, if we want to attract, shouldn’t we be givers as well? That being said, the way balance is created is for givers to exist, there should also be takers. So know when to be a giver, and a taker. But it is usually best, to be a giver in the first few impressions. Not necessarily in terms of monetary terms per se but on other aspects as well, like time for example. Follow this route and you should be off to a great life.


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